About us

The Gear Games company was founded by a group of young enthusiasts in 2005. We've been creating engaging and unique games for mobile devices for more than 10 years, and our projects have become real hits. At the very beginning of our journey, we created the Art of War game which was the first-ever RTS for touch-tone phones in the world. Since then, we have released several games of the series that have become our company's calling card. Today, millions of gamers all over the world play the Art of War 3: Global Conflict, which is the first-ever real-time strategy for mobile devices. We are working on its development and future new exciting hits with great passion. Moreover, there were other equally successful projects we are proud of, such as Prehistoric Park, Prehistoric tribes, Football manager. Our team consists of professionals in their field, creative and enthusiastic young specialists who are passionate about games. Join our team in one of our offices either in Moscow or in Kostroma / Kursk / Penza.



111024, Moscow, st. Enthusiasts 2nd, 3, office 415
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